JNS Aircraft Sales, LLC began its operation in 1991 driven by its owner and manager, Jim Shelton, to expand his love of aviation. "Our family has, and is still involved in a variety of investments and businesses ranging from agriculture to real estate to oil and gas exploration. I have enjoyed a life time love affair with aviation as well, and when I was just leaving high school decided to learn to fly-- that was it for me. Since my first lesson I continued to move up through the different types of aircraft until I found myself flying the King Air, and then on to the CJs. At this point in my life contentment has overtaken me. Don't think any more new type ratings. However, I have continued to pursue aviation as a passion rather than a business. "It is just something I love to do." The company has completed over a hundred transactions since its inception, focusing on the King Air and CJ market as its "bread and butter.", however we have a long list of transactions from the Astra to the Falcons, the Citations to the Pipers. The company prides itself in attention to detail as each project begins. JNS feels the King Air and CJs provides the best platform( but mostly because they are the aircraft we love to fly) for its "reproductions" because they are still in production, and are the most popular aircraft the world has ever seen. As the "reproduction" begins JNS will include fresh inspections, the latest in avionic upgrades, applicable modifications, and cockpit restoration. The cockpit restoration will include new panels, yokes, side and overhead panels, sub panels, fuel control quadrants, all pedestal equipment is completely refinished to factory new specs, and all gauges are overhauled and re-screened, because there is nothing worse than having a brand new interior while neglecting the cockpit. Following the airframe and avionic work the aircraft receives "above and beyond" paint and interior. "It seems we always spend more than the market allows, but there are a number of people out there who want an aircraft that has gone through a program like ours -they want a new aircraft without paying 4 times more for it." Aircraft management has also been a natural progression for the company. We offer our expertise from beginning to end of the aircraft transaction itself, and bring to the table a passion for service. The customers we mange aircraft for, are happy with the acquisition side first, then they have retained our continued service to, protect them and represent their interests regarding crew service, insurance, and maintenance, always fighting for their pocket book and the preservation of their asset. We come to the table humbly, understanding the value each customer brings to the company, and the "privilege of service" to them.

JNS is based in Nara Visa, New Mexico with offices in Herndon, Virginia and Amarillo, Texas. The research, consulting, and acquisitions are headed up by Bill Arnwine out of the Virginia office, and production, sales, and management are attended to by Jim Shelton and his son Joe Shelton in Texas. "If a person is looking for an aircraft that is far and above the best in its class, look no further than the Aircraft we offer, and if he is looking for the best of the CJs or King Airs, look no further than JNS". All contact information for the best of the best in sales, reproductions, and management, can be found on the company web site, www.jnsaircraftsales.com

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